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Google Drive Direct Link Generator | G2D

This Google Drive Direct Link Generator allows you to quickly convert your Google Drive shareable link into direct link. Direct link will immediately start downloading file, rather than opening a preview page.

Direct link can be extremely beneficial for a website admins for simple use cases. A website admin can save cost by using google drive direct links on their website instead of purchasing expensive storage services like amazon s3, google cloud storage and other CDN. This also allows website admin to avoid managing of complex network infrastructure while providing similar user experience to the end user.

In order to generate the google drive direct link, first you need to generate shareable link. See the following blog post about

How to make google drive shareable link?

Now you have a shareable link, generating a direct link is 3 steps away:

  • Step 1: Goto G2D.

  • Step 2: Paste the copied shareable url in the given field and click on Create Direct Link button.

  • Step 3: Direct link will be generated and shown below the field. Click to copy the generated direct link. That’s it!

g2d.dev also supports generation of multiple links with single click. All you need to do is to consolidate your links with new line separator, paste it in the given text area and click on the generate link button. That's it.


There are few limitations that you need to keep in mind while generating direct links.

  • If you want to make your link publicly downloadable make sure your file's visibility is set to Anyone with the link otherwise only allowed people can download the file.

  • The direct link only work with uploaded files on Google Drive. It does not work for documents created with Google Docs.

  • For larger files direct link may open a warning page that Google cannot scan this file for viruses because of its large size. However user can continue downloading after acknowledgement.



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